Friday, 6 March 2009

Red Letter Days Affiliate Blog Welcome Post

Hi all,

Welcome to the Red Letter Days Affiliate Blog!

We look forward to providing you with regular updates on our latest special offers, top selling products and brilliant rewards and incentives. And of course, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest gossip from the Red Letter Days affiliate marketing gals.

We hope that you'll find this blog a useful and entertaining read. We welcome your feedback, tips, comments or hot rumours at

Mother's Day is coming up fast; we have already launched our Red Letter Days creative within both Affiliate Window and Affilinet:

Get on board for big rewards. Further to the massive success of our Christmas 08 incentive scheme, with 35 affiliates qualifying for prizes, we're giving all affiliates another chance to qualify for a fantastic reward.

You only have to generate £500 worth of sales to qualify for the first tier of prizes. The more sales you generate, the better the prize, so it’s definitely not too late to earn yourself something fab. 25 affiliates have already qualified for prizes!

We will be posting regularly to keep you informed of our quarterly incentive schemes. :)

We always love hearing from our affiliates (work related or social) so feel free to get in touch:

Phone: Joshna on 079 1863 2814 or Angela on 079 1874 7455
MSN: or

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