Friday, 15 May 2009

Vote for Joshna in the a4u Awards!

Vote for Joshna Us here at Red Letter Days are tickled pink that our very own Joshna Patel has been nominated for the Publisher's Choice of Affiliate Manager a4u award.

She's certainly up against some stiff competition - Chris, Naomi and Zak are all high profile and well respected names in the industry and we've learned a lot from their examples. But we also think it's time for some fresh blood to enter the top ranks! Joshna's nomination is proof that with a lot of hard graft, an affiliate programme can go from zero to hero in a short amount of time, and that's an achievement we think is worthy of your vote.

Still not convinced?! Here are our top five reasons why you should vote for the lovely Joshna:

1. She makes life easier: From organising bespoke creative to tailor-made special offers, she's always working to reduce headaches and drive more sales for our affiliates.

Vote for Joshna
2. She's dead generous: Over the past 4 months alone, she's given out over 50 affiliate prizes including widescreen TVs, Tag Heuer watches and much more as part of the Red Letter Days Xmas 2008 and Q1 2009 incentive programmes!

3. She's always on the case: Whether you contact her via phone, email, messenger or carrier pigeon, you'll always get a quick and helpful reply.

4. She goes the extra mile: Burning the midnight oil to make sure projects are perfect, ensuring fast sales validation, giving advice and support at all hours ... she's always making the extra effort to provide top-notch service.

Vote for Joshna 5. She'll do anything in the line of duty: Being filmed jumping out of a plane for our first affiliate video player? No problem. Braving scary 80s nightclubs and flaming sambuca shots? All in a (long) day's work!

... and if for no other reason - she looks simply fabulous in an evening gown!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Awards on 2nd June, please do come up and say hi.

Cheers all, Ange Greenwood

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