Monday, 14 September 2009

Red Letter Days Christmas Incentive Prizes - Sales Value £1,500

Tier 1 - £1,500 Sales

Oregon Scientific Blue Projection Clock

With its blue back-lit display and projection option for beaming the timing on your ceiling or wall, its crescendo alarm could wake up the dead! It also tells you the temperature in your room and outside the house. Radio link to a nuclear clock gives total accuracy.

Sony Wireless Headphones

These high-quality rechargeable wireless headphones are designed for long time wearing comfort. With a range of up to 100 metres and a ten hour battery playback time, they're perfect for watching TV or listening to the hi-fi.

Fragrance for Him

This fragrance gift box contains ten samples of attractive aromas and a voucher for a bottle of his favourite eau de toilette from this range. The samples include fragrances by Boss, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Hugo, Joop!, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Sean John.

Fragrance for Her

This fragrance gift box contains ten samples of beautiful scents and a voucher for a bottle of your favourite eau de parfum or eau de toilette from this range. The samples include fragrances by Calvin Klein, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Ghost, Hugo, Lacoste, Mariah Carey, Paco Rabanne, Ralph Lauren and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Wine Tasting Game

Two bottles of quality wine, one red and one white. Your mission is to identify the grape variety of each wine. Great for dinner parties and for anyone who enjoys wine, from novice tasters to connoisseurs.

Victronix Swiss Army Pocket Tool with 1GB USB memory stick built-in.

Save presentations, photos & videos on this handy 1Gb USB stick. It also houses a nail file, scissors, key ring, ballpoint pen and Red LED light-everything a modern exec needs.

The Sweetie Hamper

This delicious hamper contains Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange, Maltesers, Cadbury's Caramel Bar, Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bar, Mars Bar, Milky Bar, Bassett's Jelly Babies, Joosters, Chubb Lollies, Flumps, strawberry jellies, Cadbury's Finger of Fudge, Cadbury's Fredo Bar, box of Smarties, box of Fruit Pastilles, Galaxy Milk Chocolate, Cadbury's Buttons and Fun Gums.

Sony Funky DVD Player

This super stylish and compact DVD player features multi format playback capability. Available in three colours (black/blue/pink). Features include precision drive 3 mechanism for fast, stable and accurate playback, fast/slow playback with sound, playback of MP3, audio CD-R/RW, super VCD discs and multi brand TV control remote.

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